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List of Unknown Stories

Below is a list of well-known Unknown Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1Ancient One
2An Eagle Story
3A Man Eats His Sisters' Berries
4A Story About Respect
5A Story Of The Coyote And The Bag Of Salt
6A Tradition Of The Calumet
7Basket Woman, Mother Of The Stars
8Bear Did Not Always Hibernate
9Big Long Man's Corn Patch
10Brother Turtle, The Rock Animal
11Buffalo And Eagle Wing
12Cannupa, The Sacred Pipe
13Chewaukla, The Legend Of Sleepy Water
14Cloud People
16Coyote And The Mice
17Coyote And The Rolling Rock
18Coyote And The Stars
19Coyote In The Buffalo Country
20Coyote vs. Duck
21Coyote's Adventures In Idaho
22Creation Of The Red And White Races
23Creation Story!
24Creation Story (Another Version)
25Cricket And Cougar - Tribes Of Alta And Baja California
26Dance In A Buffalo Skull
27Eagle And Red Tail
28Feather Song
29Fox And Magpie
30God In Wolves Clothing
31Grandfather Thunder
32Graying Of An Eagle
33Grizzly Bear And Raccoon
34How Buffalo Taught The Bully A Lesson
35How Corn Came To The Earth
36How Music Came To The Earth
37How Rabbit Brought Fire To The People
38How Rabbit Fooled Wolf
39How The Chipmunk Got His Stripes
40How The Man Got Into The Moon
41How The Old Man Made People
42How The People Hunted The Moose
43Legend Of The Jumping Mouse
44Legend Of The Maid Of The Mist
45Musquakie - Chasing The Bear
46Old Man Induces Men And Women To Mate
47One Stick, Two Sticks
48Origin Of The .Sxo'exo'e Mask
49Rabbit And The Coyote
50Raven Fools Crow
51River Makes Peace With Itself
52Salmon Goes To War
53Skunk Outwits Coyote
54Song Of The Buffalo
55The Ancient One
56The Bears!
57The Beaver And The Frog Woman
58The Beginning
59The Boy With Enormous Nostrils
60The Brave Who Went On The Warpath Alone And Won The Name Of The Lone Warrior
61The Bridge Of The Gods
62The Buffalo And The Field Mouse
63The Comrades
64The Deluge!
65The Dog Children
66The Eagle
67The Eagle And The Snake
68The Falcon And The Duck
69The Field Mice Were Singing And Dancing In A Circle
70The Frogs And The Crane
71The Hunter And The Buffalo
72The Legend Of The First Woman!
73The Little Rabbit Who Talked Too Much
74The Magic Arrows
75The Mink, The Raven, And The Sea Eggs
76The Pole That Holds The Sky
77The Possum And The Jaguar
78The Raccoon And The Bee-Tree
79The Raccoon's Lessons
80The Raven And The Fish Melt
81The Runaways
82The Snake With The Big Feet
83The Story Of Creation
84The Story Of Jumping Mouse
85The Story Of Mink
86The Sugar Maple (Axsìnamìnshi)
87The Sundance With Little Black Crow And Jack Rabbit
88The Thunder Nation And The Eagle
89The Warm Wind Brothers vs. The Cold Wind Brothers
90The Warrior Who Went On The Warpath Alone And Won
91The White Buffalo Calf Pipe
92The Wise Woman's Stone
93Traditional Talking Stick
94Tsvdigewi (Little People)
95Turkey, The Peace Eagle
96Turtle And The Sky Bowl
97Twisted Hair
98Two Fawns And A Rabbit
99White Buffalo Woman
100Why Flowers Are Fragrant
101Why The Buzzard Flies So High
102Why The Chipmunk Has A Black Stripe
103Why The Deer Has No Gall
104Why The Raven Is Black
105Why The Turkey Gobbles!
106Wolf And Boy
107Wolves And Coyotes - aka The First Healer
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