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Fox And Magpie

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One time, Fox and Magpie were roaming about the land. Each of them had an empty stomach. They were hungry. As they walked about, they looked into a nearby water, that was flowing, and sighted a fish swimming by. The Fox and magpie wanted something bigger and left the fish alone. They had thoughts of how deer meat would be very delicious, right now. They had hoped to come upon a large deer, by itself. They hoped the deer would be slow, so they could make their hunt successful. The image was so real in their thoughts, that they thought there was a real deer in their sights, but the image vanished very quickly. There was no deer in sight.

The Fox and Magpie continued their journey from there into the trees, after the last experience. It was beginning to get dark outdoors and under the trees where they were. Sometimes there was no light, because the tall trees were blocking the sun. They could hear something rustling around in the trees, what could it be? Both the Fox and Magpie became very frightened. The sound was coming nearer and nearer to them. The sound was like that of thunder. Just then, the wind picked up and blew very hard. When the wind became unbearable, they found shelter in a hold in the ground. They hid in that hole. Much later, they were both still afraid of that rumbling sound, because they did not know what was making that noise. As they sat in the hole, Fox looked up and over the edge and he could see buffalo in the distance. Magpie also looked out and saw the great herd of buffalo. This great herd of buffalo were moving by walking. The buffalo were enormous in size, and there were so many of them. The backs of the buffalo, as they were moving, looked to Fox and Magpie, like the darkness of the night.

Fox and Magpie were now getting very, very hungry. The buffalo looked very delicious to them. The two of them got out of the hole they were hiding inside, and started towards the where the buffalo were. They walked over to them. Along the way Fox and Magpie came across an ant pile. They looked at the ant pile, and they could many ants working while moving in a single line. Fox stopped, looked, and jumped on top of the ant pile, and stomped his feet onto it. He scattered the small pebbles which make up the outside of an ant pile.

Fox and Magpie were so hungry that their stomachs were beginning to rumble. Since they were at the ant pile, they began to eat some of the ants. They ate a lot of the little ants. The little ants crawled into Fox's nose and into his hair. The little ants were running all over his body and even down to the end of his tail. The little ants were also crawling onto Magpie's feet and legs, soon they were in his wing feather, and shortly they were running all over his body. Even though the ants were running all over their bodies, the Fox and Magpie had had their fill of ants. They had eaten enough to lay down and relax in the grass. Much later, as they were laying around being very comfortable, each of them felt an itch inside their stomach. As the itching became unbearable, both the Fox and Magpie jumped up and looked as though they were dancing, they were only trying to relieve the itch inside their stomach. Soon the two of them were sweating heavily, from the strange itch dance that they were doing. The Fox and Magpie ran to the nearest running water and stuck their heads in, to relieve the itch. While they were at this stream, they each had a drink of water. They both laid down in the grass again, after they had a drink of water.

After they each took a bath in the water. That night when they slept, they had stomach pain. Overnight, their stomach had become numb, and the following morning they could not feel anything, especially inside their lungs.

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