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Why Flowers Are Fragrant

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A while back, I looked into the Sun, and a beautiful young Woman was there. Something Sacred was in her hand, and the light around her was infinite Love. Beside her stood something like a Man. The "Man" was very angry. In his hand was a weapon, he held it in the Sun. The "Man" said, I will strike the earth, and purify it of all humans and of all that they have done. The Woman said, no, wait. Give me a little time to speak to the People. See how pitiful they are, how hard they try to do what is right even though many of them don't even understand right from wrong. She put her arm around the "Man", held him close to his heart, and he agreed to put his weapon down. I watched them for a long time. The Sun did not hurt my eyes, because the "Man" and the Woman were so beautiful. Then the Woman turned and looked at me, and gave me this story, to give to all.

She is back to fulfill her promise. Not because we deserve it, but because it's time. The first time she came, many hundreds of years ago, the sacred woman was with the people for a while, some say, four days. In that time she showed them all the things they need to know in order to live right in the sight of God and one another. Sometimes she'd take some of the people aside, and speak to the men or the women or the children or some other group. Sometimes she'd talk to all the people all together.

Talk .... Except recently when I dreamed of her, she didn't say much at all. Just showed up and did what needed to be done, and anyone who saw her, a sacred Voice spoke to them in their hearts. Stayed a while, and then she was gone.

And so to tell her story completely, a person would have to say everything she said and do everything she did, and it would take a while, probably four days. This is not possible at this time. And to really tell her story, a person would have to live in such a way that anyone with eyes can look at that person and see White Buffalo Woman.

But what I will try to do here, is tell it in such a way that a seed is planted in our hearts, and this seed will grow until we comes into understanding of all that she said and did, the right way to live. So I will go on and write here, the seeds of what she said and did, says and does, for the people. The rest, you can dream.

Many people ask about the ceremonies. The ceremonies came through visions, to certain people in certain times and places, and so it is not always right to do them with other peoples and in other times and places. But the teachings she brought are the same teachings she came to bring to certain people of long ago. She now brings these teachings again, to all peoples, when she returned to Earth in recent years to keep her promise. And anyone who hears her words and lives her way, is a living Ceremony and a living Pipe! Anyone hears this, every breath you take is sacred.

If this story does you any good, please be so kind as to pass it along. Copy it and pass it along, upload it, whatever. Only do not sell it. If hearing or reading this story gives you dreams of White Buffalo Woman as well, please honor her by telling her story and making your dreams for all to see.

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