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Turtle And The Sky Bowl

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Long ago all the animal people wanted to be chief of all the people. So it was decided that whoever was the fastest can be the Chief.

Well no one could beat the eagle, he was a big bird and flew very fast. One day, turtle has a dream, he dreamed on how to beat the eagle in a race. Turtle's best friend the mouse woke up turtle saying, "wake up turtle, your going to sleep your life away, look the sun is up."

"Mouse, Mouse, I had a dream last night, I know how to beat the eagle in a race" said turtle. "Oh turtle, you can't beat eagle, your too slow" sighed mouse. Well, mouse knew he couldn't change his mind, as they went to see eagle.

Turtle walked up to eagle and said," Eagle, I want to race you." Eagle started laughing as well or all the other animal people. Turtle looked up and said," Eagle don't you want to race me?"

Eagle raised his voice and said," My people, I will race anywhere turtle wants."

Turtle smiled and said,"Eagle, I will race you...I will race you to the ground. Please grab me and take me way up into the sky."

Eagle grabbed turtle and flew way up into the sky, way up into the clouds. "Ok eagle, I will race you to the ground, whoever gets there first wins, so let go of me," said the turtle.

Eagle let go of turtle and whoosh, turtle started falling to the earth below. Eagle said with a surprise in his voice, "oh, oh ", and took off after turtle ". 
Turtle was yelling out" WEEEEEEEEE", for this was the first time turtle flew. The eagle flew faster and faster, but could not catch up to the turtle, he was falling like a rock.! The animal people below were all cheering for their friend the turtle.

Turtle came down and hit the earth with a boom, dust flew up everywhere. Turtle had won, he beat the eagle to the ground! Eagle said," ok turtle, your the chief, your the boss now. "

With a smile turtle replied," No...I don"t think anyone should be the Chief, I think everyone should be free, to go anywhere they want, do anything they want to do, so, people, your free!"

The animal peoples looked at each other for a moment then came a raising cheer, and they took off in all directions, for now they were free!

Turtle motioned to his little friend," come on mouse lets go home".

And that is how the turtle beat the eagle in a race.

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