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Turkey, The Peace Eagle

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Our "Elders", tell us the Legend of the Turkey is not one we need to explain the Great Mystery and how it functions. So came the Story of the Peace Eagle (Turkey) to the Eastern People.

In the First World we were pure Intelligence and therefore experienced full consciousness. We were not lost in form and matter. We could integrate and disconnect as we willed it so. We were of pure energy and light. We were of all colors. We broke this direct connection when we moved in greed. We took what was not given and felt separation. The greed destroyed our balance and harmony. We turned from honor and trust worthiness. We tried to hide and moved deeper into form and matter, hoping to not be discovered. We lost knowledge of who and what we were and turned further from our Source.

In the Second World we began the wheel of return. We became more and more of the state of impermanence.

So things became very in-balanced. Humans became fearful and unsure. We lost understanding of the Creators Patterns and fell into suffering and the illusion of separation became larger than our faith and we drifted in an ocean of tears and painful remorse for our act of greed and for breaking the trust of Creator.

As each World ends and we renew our great wheel of life we begin the journey of return to full consciousness and direct interaction with the Creator. Always the Creator extended love and guidance. Offering us always the path of harmony and truth.

We must choose the journey we will take and keep the faith. There were the Real People who remained strong and pure. They keep showing us the path of Return and healing us. Always our cry for help was heard and the Wisdom Keepers come to show us the Way. Many creations of the Creator has tried to help us over and over. Humans kept betraying his Relations and would allow greed to overcome his heart and mind.

In each World, more and more of our relations turn from us and will no longer trust us as mankind. Our very existence has been placed in jeopardy. And many times the Creator has taken us back to the beginning again, to try and show us our Path of Return.

The Storytellers were the historians of the Real People. And in the story we were given the lessons and messages we need to understand what we have lost.

So in the days past when our People were overcome with plight and hunger it was the duty of the Chiefs to hunt and provide for the people. The Chief was sad because his people had nothing to eat and were very hungry. He could not hunt the Bear anymore because the Bear said, "If you eat me", I will give you diseases of the heart, for you have become a heartless people."

The Deer said, "If you eat of me", you will get rheumatism and your joints and bones will stiffen and swell with fire because you have lost beauty and grace. You have become embittered and crude. You abuse and rape even your children, destroying their innocence. The Rabbit said, "If you eat me", you will have weaknesses of the mind and become forgetful. You will feel chilled and then the fires of your Spirit will burn you with fever. You will suffer duality and fear of everything.

The Squirrel said, If you eat of me, I will give you vertigo, and all you eat will burn your insides. Your stomach will bleed. The great Animals all cursed humans with illness. Humans no longer held a place of Honor in the Circle of Life. They were not honored in the hunt and he forgot the way of appreciation. Life was filled with pain for Humans.

In these days, the "Chief" was leader of the People because they trusted him and knew he protected his people. He was the "Father" of the "Nation" or "Tribe of People". He ate only after his People were all fed. He slept under warm blankets only if everyone was covered and warm. The People called upon him for a great council. They turned to the "Chief" and ask, "When will the animals come back, when will you hunt again, we are starving and growing weaker. Many are dying and are no more. We must have food soon or we shall all perish." Many shouted to him to call war upon other nations of people who they thought had more than them.

The "Chief" was a man of great faith. he was trusted and always honored all his relations. He was brave and had great courage, "Chiefs" from many Nations knew of his valor. He loved his people and gave his life for them. He saw all his children thin and gray. He heard the babies and old people crying and his heart hurt. He had tried to help the People understand how things would need to change, he saw their greed and self destruction. He did all he knew to lead them towards honorable living again. His example was not enough. And some even hated him for it, and said he was a weak man to be so righteous.

So the "Chief" prepared him self to hunt. He Prayed and did the Ceremonies of the Ancients ways to honor all life. He remembered the wisdom of his Grandfathers and Elders. He walked through the forest for 28 days, fasting, to find a solution to feed his people. He said, "Creator", what can I do? We are a wicked people. We have forgotten to give appreciation and offering before the hunt, and taking only what we need. We have wasted and killed without honoring our faith. Now none come to us in our hunts, they curse us when we eat to survive. It is true we have taken even when we had more than we needed, and let food sit and rot. We have begun to war with each other for possession of things and taking a person's freedom away. For all this and more I come to you seeking atonement. My People are hungry, our children are starving. I offer myself in complete giveaway to Creator so my people can be fed. He prayed long and hard. He chanted all his holy words. I ask to have a relation that my people will feel safe to eat, and that will not give them diseases. The Standing People (Trees), knew him well and told him the "Real People" must learn respect. The Plant People in the forest had remained the only friend of humans. They said to him, "Put your heart to the Mother of all form here, (Earth). She has love unending and she heals all form and matter that is of her. Humans has forgotten how to call upon her. The "Chief" lay upon the "Earth Mother" and spoke to her of respect, and promised he would always live by the rule and measure of respect if she would help him and his People. He cried and his tears fell upon her soil. She felt his truth and goodness. The Earth Mother extended herself again to her Children. "Earth Mother", said to the "Chief", You must live by this law you have made "Respect". Appreciate everything in your life, that my body brings to your day. All has purpose. There is only The One That Is All Things. Do not waver from your word. Hold your word as valuable as your next breath.

"Creator" looked upon this and saw this "Chief". Love was again being shown for the gift of life and the Good Earth. He lifted the Chief into the "Dream Time Lodge", so he could be with the "Chieftains" of "The Elder Fires".

The "Chief" was given a vision of a "Turkey", it was the color of the "Earth", and the "Chief" knew this was good. He thought the people will know this is a gift from the "Creator" and is safe to eat. The feathers were also shiny and was like a star filled midnight sky, the "Chief" thought and the lights of the "Sky Nations" are there as well. He watched as the "Peace Eagle", (Turkey) walked about. He walks as a noble one of great dignity. He will help the people find dignity again. The wise "Chief" was humbled by how this creation was. Then he saw the beautiful fan as the "Turkey" spread its tail feathers, and the "Chief" said, this is good, the people will recognize the sacred ceremonial fan and know it will give us back our strength and make us strong again. Then the "Turkey" spread its wing feathers toward the ground and began to dance. The People will return to the ancient ceremonies of harmony and flow with the great cycles of "Sky" and "Earth".

The "Chief" thought, how will we know it is okay to eat him? We cannot kill the sacred messengers for food. And this is a sacred one. It must speak to my people to let them know it has come as give away, to be eaten.

At that moment, the "Turkey" looked at him and spoke, "Chief", I have been given for only one purpose, to feed you. Your prayers have been pure and your deeds of valor are many. My body will give humans more energy for his muscles than any other, it will carry no curse. My feathers will dance with you and you "Chief", will wear my feathers as your cape, to remind all of the unending love, that surrounds all creation. In my feathered cape you will walk proud and free. My bones will give you tools to provide all other needs you have. At my breast over my heart will be a bone that will remind you how "Creator" fulfilled your wishes. Keep this bone as my example to you humans and spirit are bonded in Life. Make the part of me that touches the sacred ground of the Earth Mother your offering to the Fire, so I may return as often as you need me. Keep this agreement with "Creator", and you will not hunger again. I have a message. . . the message is Love and Trust, it says The One That Is In All Things calls to The people to return to honor and harmony. To live in Peace and create beauty where ever you are. Live in Respect and all shall flourish, we are one.

The "Chief" said, "Sacred Bird", my people will not understand all this. they will be afraid to eat so "Sacred a Being". We have suffered many generations now and trust is not the way we live anymore. They will need to hear you tell them, and if you speak such wisdom they will even be less certain they should hunt and feast upon your body. They have become superstitious in their beliefs and practices now. They no longer remember where they come from or who they are. The "Sacred Bird" said, I will do what must be done, let us return to your people they are growing weaker and soon will perish if we do not go now.

The "Chief" made cornmeal offering of appreciation for this vision and gift. As he started back to camp to tell the people about the "Turkey", it began eating his cornmeal offering. he made a trail of cornmeal which the "Turkey" ate and followed him back to his people, arriving very fat, having eaten so much cornmeal.

The "Chief" came to the "Clan Mother" and said, "Creator" has sent us this "Sacred Bird" for food. The "Clan Mother" watched how noble and dignified the "Turkey" walked. Holding his head with a manner of courage and strength. She said, "We can no longer trust the words of the "Chiefs" and "Warriors". Times before they said it was okay to eat from the hunt and we have diseases of the heart and mind, and aching bones. How can we eat such a fine bird? Birds are, "Creators" messengers.

The Chief explained his vision and that he gave appreciation and made a cornmeal offering. And then what he thought was a vision became real and the "Turkey" started to eat the cornmeal. At this point, the "Turkey" came closer showing no fear, as all the other animals would, and run from humans. This one walked among them knowing no fear. "Clan Mother" saw it was the color of the Earth and felt her woman spirit stir inside her being. The "Turkey" spread its tail and she saw it was in the shape of a ceremonial fan. Then he spread his wing feathers down and danced. "Clan Mother" said, how can we eat of this, it dances and is a "Sacred Messenger".

The "Turkey" walked into the middle of the circle of people who had gathered to see this "Sacred Bird" and looked at the "Chief" and said, gobble me up. The "Chief" jumped up, and stood back in shock. What is it you say to me? The "Turkey" walked closer to him and said again, "gobble me up." The "Chief" looked at his people and knew they all had heard the "Sacred Bird" speak. Now the people would believe and eat of it.

So they prepared as they had been given instructions to do. The "Turkey" said, you will rub my body before you eat it with spices and herbs. The garlic, to surrender to the Holy of all Holies. Cinnamon to open it to the powers of procreation. Nutmeg for the "Creators" spirit of the Evergreens and knowledge of eternal life. Honey to maintain gentle nature and serenity. Peanut oil to enhance assimilation and reconstruction of wholeness and vitality. this was placed upon his body after all his feathers were plucked carefully, so as not to break or damage a single one. A great fire was made for roasting the "Turkey". They put ground corn and a few whole kernels inside. They turned it over and over cooking it evenly. The "Clan Mother" was glad to see how the People were laughing and happy as they prepared for the feast. Her "Woman Spirit" felt the union with "Earth Mother" again and she felt the first tears of joy come.

Soon the Turkey was ready to eat and it was very big. The "Clan Mother" carved the turkey from the bone carefully as to not break any. She found the "Wish Bone" and it was as the "Sacred Bird" had said. She fed all the families. Our "Chief" does not eat unless everyone else has been fed. The "Clan Mother" came to the "Chief" and said, "Chief", my arms are tired from carving so much "Turkey" and feeding all the People. Will you help me carry this "Turkey"? And the "Chief" helped bring the abundance of "Turkey" to the people.

The "Clan Mother" said, "Chief", it is time to feed yourself and your family. When the "Chief" saw all the meat that was left, he was surprised and asked, has everyone been fed? "Clan Mother" replied, Yes "Chief". Everyone has had two servings.

"Clan Mother" went to the fire and she too was surprised to see the "Turkey" had totally replenished itself. The "Chief" was fed "Turkey", and all his family ate heartily. As they ate all felt humble for all that was being given and felt their minds, bodies and spirits healing and becoming whole again.

The "Turkey" replenished itself again and again. The People ate of this "Turkey" all year long, always with appreciation. they used every part of the turkey, recognizing its complete give away. Everyone was gifted with a turkey feather.

After all went well for a full change of seasons, one morning as "Clan Mother" went to the fire to prepare the food, she saw two eggs. She knew these were the seeds of the "Sacred Bird" and that it was pleased with the "Peoples" offering and trusted them again. She kept the eggs warm and cared for them as a Mother would any child. She sang love songs and sang stories to the eggs as they incubated. She knew if it was to reproduce, it would need to have "Woman Spirit" of the "Great Bird". She made offerings to the "Earth Mother" for this. And each day sang her woman's way chants. The first egg opened and it was the Hen. She reminded them of the subtle beauty of woman. The females do not need to decorate themselves extravagantly, because they already have inner wisdom and beauty. The second egg opened and it was the male, and with beautiful feathers so man would remember his role and do as he was to be in the Earth. Today the "Turkey Cape" is worn by the most noble, courageous and generous of men.

The people ate in abundance from then on. They always remembered to give appreciation every day and were always blessed abundantly. Abundance comes when we show appreciation and Thanksgiving. The celebration and feast is the time of friendship and appreciation. Friendship is when we know we are all inner connected, and reflective of each other. The time of Friendship and Thanksgiving is every day.

The "Woodland Peoples" said let us have a seasonal celebration when we seek one we do not know well or is new to our lands and bring them to our feast of Friendship and make them welcome. This is the "Feast of Friendship". Today it is called Thanksgiving. For The Real People, it is celebrated at the Full Moon of November. The white meat of the "Turkey" has the highest protein of all meats. The dark meat has fats needed to assist the body to generate heat. The "Real People" will not eat from the knee down of the Turkey for that is the part that moves in the auric field of the planet herself and belongs to the Mother. The feet and lower leg is given to the Fire. The Wish Bone is saved intact and strung as ornaments. The Turkey is Sacred to the Eastern Woodlands People. Its Feathers are used in all Sacred Ceremonies. It is a messenger of Innocence, Compassion, Abundance, Trust, Dignity, Peace and Eternal Love. It calls all Mankind to practice Respect. This is how it was told to us by our Elders as children at Thanksgiving.

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