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Cloud People

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A little boy stood watching the changes in the sky while his father finished making arrows.

"Father, why is it that I see the cloud people's faces in the sky and then they change?"

"The cloud people are telling you a story, my son. Shall we watch and figure out the Medicine Story the sky nation is giving you today?"

As the two watched, they saw the giant profile of a man, made of clouds, with his lips pursed as if he was whistling or blowing air. Then it changed. An eagle appeared to be gliding on the currents. Later, another change brought the lone figure of an Indian warrior, reaching for an arrow that was flying across the sky. The arrow changed to an eagle feather, and the clouds rolled away.

After reflecting, the boy explained that he saw the Wind Chief blow the breeze that lifted Eagle's wings. The warrior on the ground had to reach higher than his head to catch the arrow of truth. In grasping the truth, the warrior earned an eagle feather. The warrior became the brother of the Eagle, understanding the truth that the Great Mystery sent through his spiritual messengers of the sky nation.

His father smiled, for his son had learned to listen to another one of their relations.

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