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The Runaways

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The forest was full of homeless and wounded creatures after the great fire. The Raccoon Tribe ravaged all the nearby mountain cabins and brought food to the hungry. The Tribe of little bandits worked long and hard hours to supply what was needed to help the other friends of the forest.

Mama Raccoon was busier than most of the others of her Tribe, mending the cuts and bandaging the burns of those who came for assistance. Days dragged into moons, and still the needy came in hordes. Mama Raccoon was the protectress of the frail, the children, the injured, and the underdog. She took her mission very seriously and labored day after day with little relief or rest.

The other raccoons became increasingly aware because Mama was close to collapse. One morning, Mama Raccoon fell over, barely alive. The others took her to the burrow and nursed her as best they could. In her lapses of dreams and consciousness, Mama Raccoon heard the Earth Mother saying "You gave all of your strength to others, forgetting to weigh the consequences.

The little bandit in you who robbed food from those who had a lot, giving it to those who had none, has lost her balance. In order to heal, you will need to see the error of robbing yourself of all your energy and giving it away, leaving you with none." Mama Raccoon learned these lessons and got well. Now she teaches these same lessons to humankind, reminding them to give to the best of their abilities without robbing themselves of their health or sense of well-being.

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