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Chewaukla, The Legend Of Sleepy Water

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Once long ago a chief who had been in poor health for many moons came to the sacred Valley of the Vapors hoping to find relief in the magic waters. Seemingly, however, the thermal waters did not have sufficient power to cure his affliction. After bathing in the pools, immersing himself in the hot mud, and enduring the sweat lodge, his condition did not improve. Instead, his illness worsened, and his pain grew so severe that he could not sleep.

One night, as the chief lay delirious in his tent, his beautiful daughter, weeping for his pain, came to him and took him by the hand. She led him out of the valley in search of cool waters she had been told had strong magic to cure him. After passing though a deep gorge [Gulpha Gorge] in the mountain, they followed a small stream until they reached a place where five cool, living springs burst forth from the rocky earth. Here, the daughter filled a gourd and held it to her father's lips. When he had drunk the cool, refreshing water, he fell into a deep, restful sleep. When the old man awoke, his pain was gone and he was cured of the affliction.

Out of gratitude to his lovely daughter, the chief gave her the name, Chewaukla, which meant "Sleepy Water," and the springs were known thereafter as Chewaukla Springs. The sleepy water soon became famous for the relaxing effect it had on all who drank there.

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