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Feather Song

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In a time before the Earth was complete there were some Creatures that came from the water. These Creatures could no longer live in the ocean, as it was becoming hot from all the volcanos that were burning on the bottom of the ocean floor. These Creatures had to crawl onto the shore and they were not dressed with cloths. They did not have the knowledge of what to eat in this strange land. It began to get colder and they started to cry for help but no help came. A small white cloud heard the cry and he listened to them as they told of the hot ocean water and how they could no longer live there. The small white cloud said he would go and ask the Elders in the sky world what to do. He left to talk to the Elders and after he explained all the problems of the Creatures they had a great council.

The sky world shook and turned black and rain fell for a long time. Finally the Cloud Elders came down to earth and said,"We will help you but first you must agree to honor the Earth and to live with respect with all the other things that are here." "You must never forget where you are from and that we have helped you here today. In this way you must be ever aware of others that are to come and you must help them too." With that the Clouds shook and shook many seeds like snow fell from the clouds. They told the ocean people to eat the seeds and they would know how to live here on this land.

Soon all was good and the Creature People were warm and happy and something strange started to happen to them. Long white soft things started to grow from their bodies and they were warm. They started to dance with joy and soon found our that they could fly. After many tries they flew off into the hills to live where it was warm and dry. For many years they lived there and they were many kind of the Creature People. Years and Years went by.

One day one of the beautiful Creature People was flying over the water and he heard a cry so he went to see what it was. There on the shore he found many Creatures and they were cold and hungry, they were crying. He listened to the Creatures and he said he could remember once when his people came from the ocean he remembered his Great Great Grandmother telling about the Cloud Beings and the seeds they brought. So he decided to fly to the Cloud Beings and ask for their help.

He flew for days and finally reached the Sky World and spoke to the Cloud Elders. They answered back in an angry voice and said no. We will not come because you did not hear them or help them sooner. He pleaded with them to help and they again had a council there was thunder and lightning as they talked. Finally they said they would help if he could go and get all the winged ones to come and pull the clouds down to the Creatures.

He flew day and night back to the Creature People in the hills. They had a council and some agreed and because of one Creature person the others did not agree. The other Creature person had always been greedy and did not want to share the space with others. He said that it was to crowded and that there was not enough food to feed all of them.

Finally half of the beautiful winged ones flew to get the clouds and the others stayed there on the hill. It took a long time to fly up to the Cloud Nation and a long time passed until the winged ones were able to help the Sea Creatures become able to fly.

One day they all returned to the hills and they found many changes in all the ones who stayed behind. Many of the winged ones had grown long and crooked necks and had to wait a long time to get their food, others had grown long and strange legs and had to stand in the water and wait for their food to come to them. Some could not fly at all and had no feathers on their wings, some had huge bodies and short legs and had to swim in the water to live.

It was sad to see all the beautiful hunters so ugly and now they had to go to the water to eat, and live. They could no longer live on the hill and hunt like the Winged ones did. The leader of the winged looked around to see if he could find the one who was responsible for all the sadness and he saw him walking on all four feet with no feathers, he only had quills where the feathers once grew.

He had become Porcupine and no one wanted to be near him. The Bird Nation grew into the Nation it is today and the Eagle who was the one chosen to watch out for all the Earth Creatures and to send help for those who need it.

Creator said he would give them something to remind them that they once came from the ocean so he made scales on the legs of the birds. To this day they are the only other two legged on the Earth except the Bear when it stand tall.

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