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List of Hopi Stories

Below is a list of well-known Hopi Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1A Bet Between The Cóoyoko And The Fox
2A Hopi Raid On A Navaho Dance
3A Journey To The Skeleton House 1
4A Journey To The Skeleton House 2
5A Journey To The Skeleton House 3
6A Katcina Race Contest Between The Walpi And The Oraibi
7A Raid On The Hopi Villages
8Bálölöokongwuu And The Coyote
9Chórzhvûk'iqölö And The Eagles
10Clay Old Woman And Clay Old Man
11Coming Of The Hopi From The Underworld
14How An Oraíbi Chief Punished His People
15How Ball Head Wedded An Oraibi Maiden
16How The Beetles Produced Pain
17How Hiyónatitiwa Defeated The Plan Of His Enemies
18How Pö'okong Killed The Bear
19How The Antelope Maiden Was Reconciled
20How The Children Of Pivánhonk'api Obtained Permission To Catch Birds
21How The Circle Katcina And His Wife Became Stars
22How The Coyote Was Deceived By The Wren
23How The Coyotes Had A Katcina Dance
24How The Great Chiefs Made The Moon And The Sun
25How The Hopi Indians Reached Their World
26How The Pö'okongs Destroyed Cóoyoko And His Wife
27How The Yellow Corn-Ear Maiden Became A Bull Snake And Revenged Herself
28Huruing Wuhti And The Sun
29Little Hawk Month
30Másaw - The Caretaker
31Origin Myth
32Origin Of The Clans
33The Aholi And Other Walpi Katcinas
34The Birth Ritual
35The Creation Of Man-Kind
36The Destruction Of Palatkwapi
37The Kind Hawk
38Tokpela The First World
39The End Of The First World
40Tokpa, The Second World
41The End Of The Second World
42Kuskurza, The Third World
43Rabbit Shoots The Sun
44The End Of The Third World
45Túwaqachi - The Fourth World
46The Kokoshori Katcina And The Shongopavi Maiden
47The Nature Of Man
48The Origin Of Some Mishongnovi Clans
49The Origin Of Some Oraibi Clans
50The Origin Of The Hopi Snake Clan
51The Origin Of The Yayaatu Society
52The Pookonghoyas And The Cannibal Monster
53The Revenge Of The Katcinas
54The Snake Myth
55The Song Of Creation
56The Spider Woman And The Twins
57The Two War Gods And The Two Maidens
58The Wanderings Of The Bear Clan
59The Wanderings Of The Hopi
60The Wanderings Of The Spider Clan
61Traditions Of Wanderings
62Yaponcha - The Wind God
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