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How The Children Of Pivánhonk’api Obtained Permission To Catch Birds

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Halíksai! At Hû'kovi they were living, and at Pivánhonk'api they were also living. At both places there were a great many children, and they always went down to Mumúshva (a spring named after a certain herb and grass that grows in the spring), where they were setting bird traps. They were often at enmity with one another on account of the birds.

One morning they again went to trap birds. They again became very angry at one another on account of the trapping, and the Hû'kovi children said to the children of Pivánhonk'api that they should not trap birds there. But they said if they would give them something they could trap birds there.

So the children from Pivánhonk'api ran back to the village and got such things as kûtû'ki, píki, and different other articles of food, and gave them to the children of Hû'kovi, so that the latter carried home a great deal of food which they had purchased for the permission given to the Pivánhonkapi children to catch birds there, and after that the children from both villages were always catching birds there, and maybe they are catching birds there still.

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