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The Origin Of Some Mishongnovi Clans

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The Bátki clan and the Sand clan come from Palátkwapi. When traveling, the Sand clan would spread sand on the ground and plant corn.

The Bátki clan would cause it to thunder and rain (by singing), the crop would grow in a day and they would have something to eat. At Homólovi (Winslow) they lived a long time. They brought with them the Soyál cult, the Lagón cult, and the Soyál Katcina.

They went to Aoátovi. Here they were not welcome, and hence moved on to Mishóngnovi, where they found the Bear, Parrot and Crow clans. They were asked what they knew to produce rain and crops. They spread the sand, made corn grow, etc., whereupon they were welcomed and their leader was made the chief of the village.

The spring Toríva was then very small. But the Bátki-ñamu had brought from the Little Colorado River mud, grass, and water in a móngwikuru. This they put into the spring and that increased the flow of the water, and there was also much grass around it formerly, when there were fewer burros than there are now.

The Bear clan had the Antelope cult, the Parrot and the Crow clans the Blue Flute cult. The Crane and the Eagle clans had the position of the village crier, and the Drab Flute cult. The Bátki were admitted to the Antelope and Blue Flute Fraternities, and hence Sik'ánakpu makes the cloud symbols in the ceremony of the Blue Flute society.

After that the Young Corn-Ear (Píhk'ash) or Corn-Ear (Kaö') clan came from the east, from the Pueblo, Sik'ánakpu thinks. According to Sik'ánakpu the earlier clans came to Mishóngnovi as follows:

The Parrot and Crow clans, who had the Blue Flute cult and the village chief.

The Bear clan, who brought the Antelope altar now used in the Snake ceremony.

The Crane and Eagle clan brought the Drab Flute and Maraú cult, and had the village crier.

The Katcina clan, with the Katcinas.

The Sand clan, with the Lagón, Soyál, and Snake cult.

The Bátki clan. These had no cult, but controlled the water.

The Young Corn-Ear clan. These had no special cult, but brought a better quality of corn.

Before the Bátki people came, the corn was very small. They made it rain and so it grew large. The Píhk'ash clan brought better and larger corn with them.

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