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Iktome And The Ignorant Girl

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A pretty winchinchala had never been with a man yet, and Iktome was eager to sleep with her.

He dressed himself up like a woman and went looking for the girl. He found her about to cross a stream. "Hau mashke, how are you, friend," he said. "Let's wade across together."

They lifted their robes and stepped into the water. "You have very hairy legs," said the girl to Iktome. "That's because I am older. When women get older, some are like this."

The water got deeper and they lifted their robes higher. "You have a very hairy backside," said the winchinchala to Iktome. "Yes, some of us are like that," answered Iktome.

The water got still deeper and they lifted their robes up very high. "What's that strange thing dangling between your legs?" asked the girl, who had never seen a naked man. "Ah," complained Iktome, "it's a kind of growth, like a huge wart."

"It's very large for a wart."

"Yes. Oh my! An evil magician wished it on me. It's cumbersome; it's heavy; it hurts; it gets in the way. How I wish to be rid of it!"

"My elder sister," said the girl, "I pity you. We could cut this thing off."

"No, no, my younger sister. There's only one way to get rid of it, because the evil growth was put there by a sorcerer."

"What might this be, the way to get rid of it?"

"Ah, mashke, the only thing to do is to stick it in there, between your legs."

"Is that so? Well, I guess we women should help each other."

"Yes, pilamaye, thanks, you are very kind. Let's get out of this water and go over there where the grass is soft."

Spider Man made the girl lie down on the grass, got on top of her, and entered her.

"Oh my," said the girl, "it sure is big. It hurts a little."

"Think how it must hurt me!" said Iktome, breathing hard.

"It hurts a little less now," said the girl.

Iktome finished and got off the girl. The winchinchala looked and said: "Indeed, it already seems to be smaller."

"Yes, but not small enough yet," answered Spider Man.

"This is hard work. Let me catch my breath, then we must try again."

After a while he got on top of the girl once more. "It really isn't so bad at all," said the ignorant winchinchala, "but it seems to have gotten bigger. It is indeed a powerful magic."

Iktome did not answer her. He was busy. He finished. He rolled off. "There's little improvement," said the girl. "We must be patient and persevere," answered Iktome.

So after a while they went at it again. "Does it hurt very much, mashke?" the girl asked Iktome.

"Oh my, yes, but I am strong and brave," answered Iktome, "I can bear it."

"I can bear it too." said the girl. "It really isn't altogether unpleasant," said the girl after they did it a fourth time, "but I must tell you, elder sister, I don't believe you will ever get rid of this strange thing."

"I have my doubts too," answered Spider Man.

"Well," said the ignorant winchinchala, "one could get used to it."

"Yes, mashke," answered Iktome, "one must make the best of it, but let's try once more to be sure."

- Told in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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