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List of Sioux Stories

Below is a list of well-known Sioux Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1A Holy Story
2A Legend Of Devil's Tower
3A Warrior's Daughter
4Buffalo Skies
5Coyote And Wasichu
6How Catfish Got A Flat Head
7How Grandfather Peyote Came To The People
8How The Crow Came To Be Black
9How The Fawn Got Its Spots
10How The Rabbit Lost His Tail
11Iktome And The Ignorant Girl
12Iktome, Coyote And The Rock
13Iktome Has A Bad Dream
14My Balls For Your Dinner ?
15Rabbit Boy aka Blood Clot Man
16Remaking The World
17Spotted Eagle And Black Crow
18The Bear And The Rabbit Hunt Buffalo
19The Bound Children
20The Boy And The Turtles
21The Faithful Lovers
22The Forgotten Ear Of Corn
23The Four Brothers; Or Inyanhoksila (Stone Boy)
24The Gift Of Corn
25The Legend Of Standing Rock
26The Legend Of The Flute
27The Legend of The White Horse Plain
28The Little Mice
29The Man And The Oak
30The Mysterious Butte
31The Old Woman In The Cave
32The Pet Donkey
33The Pet Rabbit
34The Rabbit And The Bear With The Flint Body
35The Rabbit And The Elk
36The Rabbit And The Grouse Girls
37The Raccoon And The Crawfish
38The Rainmakers (aka Dancing With Fear)
39The Signs Of Corn
40The Simpleton's Wisdom
41The Sioux Who Married The Crow Chief's Daughter
42The Stone Boy
43The Story Of The Lost Wife
44The Story Of The Peace Pipe
45The Story Of The Pet Crane
46The Story Of The Pet Crow
47The Story Of The Quarrel Of The Sun And Moon
48The Story Of The Rabbits
49The Story Of The Two Young Friends
50The Unktomi (Spider), Two Widows, And The Red Plums
51The "Wasna" (Pemmican) Man And The Unktomi (Spider)
52Unktomi And The Arrowheads
53White Buffalo Calf Woman
54White Plume
55Winona, The Child-Woman
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