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List of Zuni Stories

Below is a list of well-known Zuni Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1A Zuni Legend Of Spider Tower
2Átahsaia, The Cannibal Demon
3Coyote And Eagle Steal The Sun And Moon
4Coyote Steals The Sun And Moon
5Eagle Boy
6How Ahaiyutaa And Matsailema Stole The Thunderstone And The Lightning-Shaft
7How The Corn-Pests Were Ensnared
8How The Coyote Danced With The Blackbirds
9How The Coyote Joined The Dance Of The Burrowing-Owls
10How The Duck Hearing Agreed To Guide K'yäk'lu
11How The Gods Of The Kâ'kâ Counseled The Duck
12How The Gopher Raced With The Runners Of K'iákime
13How The Kâ'yemäshi Bore K'yäk'lu To The Council Of The Gods
14How The Rainbow Worm Bore K'yäk'lu To The Plain Of Kâ''hluëlane
15How The Rattlesnakes Came To Be What They Are
16How The Summer Birds Came
17How The Turtle Out Hunting Duped The Coyote
18How The Twins Of War And Chance, Áhaiyúta And Mátsailéma, Fared With The Unborn-Made Men Of The Underworld
19Jack-Rabbit And Cottontail
20Origin Of The Raven And The Macaw
21Teaching The Mudheads How To Copulate
22The Beginning Of Newness - Version 1
23The Beginning Of Newness - Version 2
24The Corn Maidens
25The Coyote And The Beetle
26The Coyote And The Locust
27The Foster Child Of The Deer
28The Guiding Duck And The Lake Of Death
29The Maiden Of The Yellow Rocks
30The Men Of The Early Times
31The Origin Of Death By Dying
32The Origin Of The Society Of Rattlesnakes
33The Origins Of The Totems And Of Names
34The Poor Turkey Girl
35The Search For The Corn Maidens
36The Search For The Middle And The Hardening Of The World
37The Serpent Of The Sea
38The Sky Has Fallen
39The Ugly Wild Boy Who Drove The Bear Away From South-Eastern Mesa
40The Warrior Suitor Of Moki
41The Youth And His Eagle
42Who Is The Strongest
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