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The Story Of Glooskap As Told In A Few Words By A Woman Of The Penobscots

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Glus-gahbé gave names to everything. He made men and gave them life, and made the winds to make the waters move. The Turtle was his uncle; the Mink, Uk-see-meezel, his adopted son; and Monin-kwessos, the Woodchuck, his grandmother.

The Beaver built a great dam, and Glus-gahbé turned it away and killed the Beaver. At; Moose-tchick he killed a moose; the bones may be seen at Bar Harbor turned to stone. He threw the entrails of the Moose across the bay to his dogs, and they, too, may be seen there to this day, as I myself have seen them; and there, too, in the rock are the prints of his bow and arrow."

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