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List of Passamaquoddy Stories

Below is a list of well-known Passamaquoddy Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1At-O-Sis The Serpent
2Glooscap Fights The Water Monster aka Kluskap Fights The Water Monster
3How A Hunter Visited The Thunder Spirits Who Dwell In Mount Katahdin
4How Glooskap Bound Wuchowsen, The Great Wind-Bird, And made All The Waters In All The World Stagnant
5How Glooskap Changed Certain Saucy Indians Into Rattlesnakes
6How Glooscap Conquered The Great Bull-Frog, And In What Manner All The Pollywogs, Crabs, Leeches, And Other Water Creatures Were Created
7How Glooskap Is Making Arrows, And preparing For A Great Battle. The Twilight Of The Indian Gods
8How Glooskap Made The Elves And Fairies, And Then Man Of An Ash Tree, And last Of All, Beasts, And Of His Coming At The Last Day
9How Glooskap Went To England & France, & Was The first To Make America Known To The Europeans
10How Lox Came To Grief By Trying To Catch A Salmon
11How Lox Deceived The Ducks, Cheated The Chief, And Beguiled The Bear
12How Lox Told A Lie
13How Master Lox As A Raccoon Killed The Pear And The Black Cats, And Performed Other Notable Feats Of Skill, All To His Great Discredit
14How Master Rabbit Went To A Wedding And Won The Bride
15How Partridge Built The Birds' Canoes
16How The Hunter Became A Partridge
17How The Story Of Glooskap And Pook-jin-skwess, The Evil Pitcher, Is Told By The Passamaquoddy Indians
18Married To The Spirit Of Katahdin
19Muggahmaht'adem, The Dance Of Old Age, Or The Magic Of The Weewillmekq'
20Muggahmaht'adem, The Dance Of Old Age (version 2)
21Ne Hwas, The Mermaid
22Of Glooskap And The Sinful Serpent
23Of The Dreadful Deeds Of The Evil Pitcher, Who Was Both Man & Woman, & How She Fell In Love With Glooskap, &, Being Scorned, Became His Enemy. Of The Toads & Porcupines, & The Awful Battle Of The Giants
24Of The Great Deeds Which Glooskap Did For Men; How He Named The Animals, And Who They Were That Formed His Family
25Of The Wolverine And The Wolves, Or How Master Lox Froze To Death
26Of The Woman Who Loved A Serpent Who Lived In A Lake
27Of The Woman Who Married The Thunder, And Of Their Boy
28Origin Of The Black Snakes
29Origin Of The Medicine Man
30The Chenoo, Or The, Story Of A Cannibal With An Icy Heart
31The Flying Canoe
32The Mother Of Serpents
33The Origin Of The Thunderbird
34The Owl Husband
35The Story Of The Great Chenoo, As Told By The Passamaquoddies
36The Thunder And Lightning Men
37The Young Man Who Was Saved By A Rabbit And A Fox
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