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Coyote Helps Create Man

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In the beginning Great Grandfather Spirit had just finished creating the Earth and all the animals, and he felt pleased with his creations. After some time the animals fighting each other over which of them will be the leader of all the other animals.

Coyote was not into fighting asked Grandfather Spirit to make a man and a women to rule over all the animals of the Earth. Grandfather Spirit loved the idea and went to work on the man and woman right away. Grandfather Spirit was having a hard time coming up with an image to make man and woman in. Coyote came to him to see how the creations were coming. When he saw Grandfather Spirit having trouble with man and woman, Coyote with all his magic turned himself into a man. When the creator saw this, he thanked Coyote and went to work the man in the image Coyote showed him.

Once he created man out of the Earth he then blew life into man and man came to life. Grandfather Spirit told man the he will make man a mate. Grandfather Spirit started making an image that looked exactly like the man. Coyote and said" no, no, no, Grandfather Man won't find a woman who looks like this attractive. Here is how a woman should look like." then Coyote again transformed himself into am image of a woman. Grandfather Spirit studied this image and went to work on creating woman out of the Earth. when done the woman looked just like the image of the woman that Coyote showed the Creator.

Grandfather Spirit then blew life into the woman and man and creator said this was good. The Creator told Man and Woman that they are now the new leaders of the land and to treat the Earth and all who dwell on it like family because they all come from Mother Earth. Grandfather Spirit thanked Coyote for his help and to show his thanks he gave Coyote the more magical powers than any other animal.

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