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List of Micmac Stories

Below is a list of well-known Micmac Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1A Micmac Legend
2Aplíkmuj, The Lazy Rabbit
3Fish-Hawk And Scapegrace
5How A Certain Wicked Witch Sought To Cajole The Great And Good Glooskap, And Of Her Punishment
6How Glooskap Became Friendly To The Loons, And Made Them His Messengers
7How Glooskap Had A Great Frolic With Kitpooseagunow, A Mighty Giant Who Caught A Whale
8How Glooskap, Leaving The World, All The Animals Mourned For Him, And How, Ere He departed, He Gave Gifts To Men
9How Glooskap Made A Magician Of A Young Man, Who Aided Another To Win A Wife And Do Wonderful Deeds
10How Glooskap made his Uncle Mikchich the Turtle into a Great Man, and got him a Wife. Of Turtles' Eggs, and how Glooskap vanquished a Sorcerer by smoking Tobacco.
11How Glooskap Sailed Through The Great Cavern Of Darkness
12How Kluskap Created Sugarloaf Mountain - See Abenaki
13How Kluskap Found the Summer
14How Kluskap Made The Birds
15How Kluskap Sang Through The Rapids And Found A New Home
16How Master Rabbit Gave Himself Airs
17How Master Rabbit Went Fishing
18How Master Lox Played A Trick On Mrs Bear, Who Lost Her Eyesight And Had Her Eyes Opened
19How Rabbit Got His Long Ears
20How The Rabbit Lost His Tail
21How Win-pe the Sorcerer, having stolen Glooskap's Family, was by him pursued, and how Glooskap for a Merry Jest cheated the Whale. Of the Song of the Clams, and how the Whale smoked a Pipe
22Kluskap Fights The Water Monster
23Kluskap Turns Bad Into Good
24Legend Of The Turtle
25Little Burnt-Face
26Micmac Creation Story (version 1)
27Micmac Creation Story (version 2)
28Míkmaq Legend Of The Shooting Star
29Míkmaq Legend Of The Turtle
30Míkmaq Legend Of The Wild Goose
31Míkmaq Women Who Married Star Husbands
32Muin, The Bear's Child
33Nukumi And Fire
34Of Glooskap And The Three Other Seekers
35Of Other Men Who Went To Glooskap For Gifts
36Of The Great Works Which Glooskap Made In The Land
37Of The Surprising And Singular Adventures Of Two Water Fairies Who Were Also Weasels, And How They Each Became The Bride Of A Star. Including The Mysterious And Wonderful Works Of Lox, The Great Indian Devil, Who Rose From The Dead
38Rabbit And Otter, The Bungling Host
39Rabbit And The Moon Man
40Raccoon Learns A Lesson
41Robbery And Murder Revenged
42Snowshoe Island Legend
43Story Of The Three Strong Men
44The Adventures Of The Great Hero Pulowech, Or The Partridge
45The Bird Whose Wings Made The Wind
46The Changing Of Mikjikj
47The Chocolate Waters Of The Petitcodiac River aka The Legend Of The Tidal Bore
48The Creator Visits
49The First Pine Trees
50The Girl-Chenoo
51The Invisible One
52The Legend Of Kluskap's Departure
53The Legend Of The Big Bear
54The Legend Of The Islands
55The Little People (Micmac)
56The Mikumwess
57The Reversing Falls Legend
58The Hidden One
59The Tale Of Glooskap As Told By Another Indian. Showing How The Toad And Porcupine Lost Their Noses
60The Tide
61The Water Fairies
62The Wind-Blower
63The Woodpecker Girls
64Tumilkoontaoo, Or The Broken Wing
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