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Sendeh Cheats The Soldier

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Sendeh was going along. He met someone who he had never seen before. They both stopped, and Sendeh greeted him. He said, "I do not know you, but I think I have heard of you. You are the man who cheats everybody." Sendeh answered, "Yes, I am he who cheats, but I have left my Medicine at home, about four hills away. So I cannot cheat you." The man said, "That makes no difference. If you are the one who cheats, you can cheat me without your Medicine." I cannot cheat you without my Medicine, I wish I had it, I would cheat you." Sendeh said to the soldier, "If you want me to cheat you, loan me your horse and I will go and get my Medicine and come back and cheat you." So the soldier said, "All right, I will loan you my horse, but you must come right back with your Medicine." So Sendeh got on the horse. As he rode off he secretly punched him so he balked. Sendeh said, "This horse won't go. Maybe he is afraid of me. Loan me your hat." The soldier gave him the hat. Sendeh punched him again, the horse balked. "This horse is afraid of me. Lend me your coat." Sendeh got on the horse. He punched him secretly again and turned back and told the soldier he might as well let him have his blanket. "I think it would be well to give me your quirt." "All right, here is the quirt, too. Make haste, get your Medicine and come back and show me you can cheat me." The horse went forward. Sendeh looked back and said, "Soldier, I have already cheated you. I have all your things. I have no Medicine. Now you go on your way, and I will go mine."

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