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Frog And Rabbit

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Once, Rabbit lived with Frog. Rabbit ran around hunting. He found a Beaver lodge along a creek. He thought it was an evil cannibal emerging from the snow. Rabbit was really terrified. He ran home very frightened. Frog said to Rabbit, "Are you out of your mind? It was probably just a Beaver lodge." She told him, "Let's go over there." She told him to take his ice chisel along. They left.

Here was a Beaver lodge standing there. Frog told her husband, "Let's try to kill the Beavers." She told him, "Make a hole in the ice there." Rabbit chiseled a hole in the ice. Frog ordered Rabbit to scoop out all the ice from the hole. Frog ran towards the hole and jumped in. Rabbit stood there and waited.

Frog surfaced and said, "Break open your Beaver lodge now." Rabbit broke open the lodge. Here were all the Beaver that were in the lodge that she had killed. Both Frog and Rabbit dragged their Beavers home.

Rabbit skinned the Beaver and cooked them. After he had cooked them, he ate. Rabbit didn't give any of the Beaver meat to his wife, Frog. She told him, "Feed me." He didn't. Frog got annoyed and threatened him by saying, "Hey, I'm going to tell Owl that you're not feeding me." Rabbit still didn't feed Frog. Frog got angry and said, "Owl, Rabbit isn't feeding me his Beavers." They could hear Owl hooting. Now, Rabbit was really frightened. He gave Frog the Beaver meat she was asking for. She said, "Owl, its OK. He is feeding me now."

After living together for a while, I guess they finished off eating their Beavers. Rabbit went to look for food again. He saw the large tracks of someone. He was really frightened again. Rabbit ran home. That is also why a rabbit is very cowardly today. He said, "I have seen the large tracks of someone." Frog said, "It must be a Moose because I had heard that a Moose is walking around." She must have heard that a Moose was walking around. She said, "Let's go track it." They left.

It was the tracks of a Moose. They tracked the Moose. Then they reached it standing there. Frog and Rabbit creeped towards the Moose. Frog told Rabbit, "Stand here." Frog approached the Moose. When she got close to it, she burrowed into the snow. She emerged at the leg of the Moose. She carefully climbed up the leg and entered into the anus of the Moose. She went to the heart of the Moose and that was where she started biting and chewing at the heart.

Rabbit was just watching the Moose standing there. Then the Moose, who just stood there not noticing anything, suddenly collapsed. Rabbit just stood there. Then Frog emerged from the nostrils of the Moose. They butchered it and took all the meat home. They had plenty of food.

Then one night, they heard a cannibal screaming. They could hear the evil being coming closer. Then it reached them. Rabbit jumped into the food that was on the platform. That was where he hid. Frog jumped into the pot of blood. The evil cannibal barged into their lodge and began eating their food. Then Frog heard the cannibal enjoying itself as it ate her husband, Rabbit. The cannibal ate Rabbit.

The monstrous cannibal turned over the pot of blood where Frog had jumped in. She burrowed into the boughs and burrowed into the ground. The evil creature didn't find out about her. It didn't know where she was. Frog couldn't be killed. That is how long the legend is.

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