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Why The Owls Stare

Categories : Choctaw , Choctaw Stories

Once upon a time Owl and Pigeon met and talked just like folks.

"There are more owls than pigeons," boasted Owl.

"No," said Pigeon, "Many more pigeons. I challenge you to count numbers!"

"Agreed," responded Owl. "The big woods is fine place. Plenty trees for everybody."

"Fine. A week from today will give time to notify all owls and pigeons," Pigeon said.

On day to count owls come first. Trees were full of owls. They laughed and said, "Oowah - wah - wah! " They were sure there could not be as many pigeons. Owls were all over the place.

Soon they heard roar from east, then roar from south and roar from north. Pigeons covered trees so limbs broke.

Owls could not believe there could be that many pigeons. They sat still moving their heads back and forth staring with wide eyes. Pigeons kept coming.

"Oo! Wee!" said owls darting under trees and flying away. They travel at night so they will not meet pigeons. Owls stared so long and hard at pigeons their eyes just stayed that way.

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