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The Trail Of Tears – Choctaw Nation

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A very long time ago, the Choctaw Indians were one people. The Choctaw Indians who had passed on lay to rest in the Sacred Mound.

The white men came along and tried to steal this land, but the Choctaws continued to live on their land, for over here they were happy.

The Choctaws became sad when they heard that white men were wanting the Choctaws to take a journey. Some Choctaws would run off to the forest and hide from the white men, so they could not go. A few Choctaws used the help of the spirits in the Sacred Mound to have powers which could make them invisible so the white men could not see them.

The Choctaws could not have survived if they fought the United States Army. A few white men helped "The Choctaw Way" stay alive, for they believed that they Choctaws must continue to live in Mississippi and keep up their traditional ways. The Choctaws were happy that those kind of white people helped them survive from the trail, which became known as the "The Trail of Tears".

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