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The Journey

Categories : Choctaw , Choctaw Stories

After a warrior had fought his last battle, eternal sleep comes to his body. His spirit goes to a new home. The warrior must make one more journey, the journey to the spirit world. The warrior goes to the world of the spirits only if he has walked on earth and followed the laws of the Choctaws. He must love his brother at all times. He has to do good things for his brother and must never harm his brother. He must never steal from his fellow Choctaws.

His journey to the spirit world is long and hard. The warrior faces a last struggle to get through the great distances. He must travel over mountains, and through valleys. He has traveled many miles before he gets to the mighty river. This river is the longest he has ever seen. He slowly enters deep blue water. The sky gets darker. His journey has almost been impossible. He drags himself out of the water and falls on the ground. The warrior hears a voice calling, "Mighty warrior". Then the voice says, "Come follow me, you must not abandon your journey to the spirit world".

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