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Chinook Creation Story

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Chinook oral legend has it that the first men of the tribe came from the sky because they were the offspring of Thunderbird. The men then found and plucked women (who were in various stages of development) from the valley floor. This was the first Chinook tribe.

Also, the rock where the first Chinook woman was plucked still exists. It has a hole all the way through it where her arms passed right through the middle of the rock. I've never seen it but have been told how to get there and where it is. Very few people know about this place (until now), and I'm not at liberty to tell of its whereabouts.

The Chinook creation story centers in Oregon, on Saddle Mountain. That's where Thunderbird laid its eggs. Thunderbird was part man, part spirit being. An Ogress rolled five of Thunderbird's eggs down Saddle Mountain, and five men, each of different color, were born. They found their women growing in various states of development in the valley below. The chief man plucked his wife from a rock. Her arms went through the rock, as if she was hugging it. There is a rock with this feature in the Pacific Northwest.

This group formed the first tribe split up as they kept moving further and further along the Columbia River.

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