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List of Cherokee Stories

Below is a list of well-known Cherokee Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1A New Bow For Tani
2A New Legend For The People
3Agan-uni'tsi's Quest For The Ulunsuti
4Agan-uni'tsi's Search For The Uktena
5Anisga ya Tsunsdi "Little Men"
6Ani'tsutsä - The Boys
7Ataga'hi, The Enchanted Lake
8Battle Between Two Worlds
9Bear Legend
10Bigfoot Bird
11Cherokee Creation Story version 1
12Cherokee Creation Story version 2
13Cherokee Medicine Man
14Cherokee Prophecies
15Cherokee Women
16Earth Making
17Flint Visits The Rabbit
18Grandmother Spider Steals The Sun
19Hero With The Horned Snakes
20How The Deer Got His Horns
21How The Honey Bee Got Their Stinger
22How The Kingfisher Got His Bill
23How The Milky Way Came To Be
24How The Partridge Got His Whistle
25How The Rabbit Stole The Otter’s Coat
26How The Red Bird Got His Color
27How The Terrapin Beat The Rabbit
28How The Turkey Got His Beard
29How The Wildcat Caught The Gobbler
30How The World Was Made
31How They Brought Back The Tobacco
32Hummingbird Brings Back Tobacco
33Kana'sta, The Lost Settlement
34Legend Of The Tlanuhwa And The Uhktena
35Legend Of The Cherokee Rose
36Little People Of The Cherokee
37Marriage Of The North And The South
38Nun'yunu'wi, The Stone Man
39Origin Of Disease And Medicine
40Origin Of Fish And Frogs
41Origin Of The Groundhog Dance
42Origin Of The Pheasant Dance
43Origin Of The Pleiades And The Pine
44Stealing The Sun
45Strawberry Legend
46The Ball Game Between The Birds And The Animals
47The Bear Legend
48The Bear Man
49The Beginning Of Time
50The Bird Tribes
51The Bride From The South
52The Bullfrog Lover
53The Daughter Of The Sun (aka Sun And Her Daughter)
54The Deluge
55The Eagle's Revenge
56The First Fire
57The Four-Footed Tribes
58The Great Leech Of Tlanusi'yi
59The Haunted Whirlpool
60The Huhu Gets Married
61The Hunter And Selu
62The Hunter And The Buzzard
63The Hunter And The Dakwa
64The Hunter And The Tla'nuwä
65The Hunter And The Uksu'hi
66The Ice Man
67The Ignorant Housekeeper
68The Journey To The Sunrise
69The Katydid's Warning
70The Legend Of Pilot Knob
71The Legend Of Sequoyah
72The Legend Of The Cedar Tree
73The Legend Of The First Woman
74The Little Boy And The Rattlesnake
75The Little Deer, Awi Usdi
76The Man In The Stump
77The Man Who Married The Thunder's Sister
78The Migration Of The Animals
79The Milky Way
80The Moon And The Thunders
81The Mother Bear's Song
82The Nest Of The Tla'nuwä
83The Nunne'hi And Other Spirit Folk
84The Origin Of Game And Of Corn
85The Origin Of Medicine
86The Origin Of Strawberries
87The Owl Gets Married
88The Pheasant Beating Corn
89The Rabbit And The Tar Wolf
90The Rabbit Dines The Bear
91The Rabbit Escapes From The Wolves
92The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting
93The Race Between The Crane And The Hummingbird
94The Raven Mocker
95The Red Man And The Uktena
96The Removed Townhouses
97The Return Of Ice Man
98The Sacred Pipe Of The T'salagi
99The Slant-Eyed Giant
100The Snake Boy
101The Snake Man
102The Snake Tribe
103The Spirit Defenders Of Nikwasi'
104The Spirit Of Little Deer
105The Star Feathers
106The Terrapin's Escape From The Wolves
107The Trail Of Tears
108The Tsundige'wi
109The Two Mohawks
110The Two Old Men
111The Uktena And The Ulûñsû'tï
112The Underground Panthers
113The Ustu'tli
114The Uw`tsun'ta
115The Water Cannibals
116The Wolf And The Dog
117The Wolf's Revenge
118Two Dogs
119Two Lazy Hunters
120Two Wolves (aka Grandfather Tells aka The Wolves Within)
121Untsaiyi', The Gambler
122U`tlun'ta, The Spear-finger
123What Became Of The Rabbit
124What The Stars Are Like
125Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail
126Why The Bullfrog's Head Is Striped
127Why The Buzzard's Head Is Bare
128Why The Deer's Teeth Are Blunt
129Why The Mink Smells
130Why The Mole Lives Underground
131Why The Opossum's Tail is Bare
132Why The Owl Has A Spotted Coat
133Why The Trees Lose Their Leaves
134Why The Turkey Gobbles
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