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List of Blackfoot Stories

Below is a list of well-known Blackfoot Stories that we continue to collect from future generations:

1Adventures Of Bull Turns Round)
2A Meal For Nata'Yowa
3Beaver Meat
4Beaver Medicine
5Blackfoot Creation Story
6Blood Clot Boy
7Buffalo Berry
8Chief Mountain
9Daily Life And Customs
10Heavy Collar And The Ghost Woman
11How A Piegan Warrior Found The First Horses
12How The Otter Skin Became Great "Medicine"
13How The Worm Pipe Came To The Blackfoot / Origin Of The Worm Pipe
15Old Man And Old Woman
16Old Man And The Beginning Of The World
17Old Man And The Roasted Squirrels / Old Man And The Lynx
18Old Man Doctors
19Origin Of The Medicine Pipe
20Origin Of The Sweat Lodge / Origin Of The Medicine Lodge
21Mik-A'pi Red Old Man
22Sacred Otter
23The Bad Weapons
24The Bad Wife
25The Bear Woman
26The Bears
27The Beaver Medicine
28The Blackfoot Genesis
29The Buffalo Rock (2 versions)
30The Bull Band
31The Dog And The Stick
32The Elk
33The Fast Runners
34The First Buffalo Stone
35The Fox
36The Ghosts' Buffalo
37The Lost Children
38The Lost Woman
39The Making Of The Earth
40The Orphan Boy And The Elk Dog
41The Other Bands
42The Past And The Present
43The Peace With The Snakes
44The Piqued Buffalo-Wife
45The Race
46The Rock
47The Sacred Weed
48The Story Of Poia
49The Story Of The Buffalo Dance
50The Story Of Two Brothers
51The Theft From The Sun
52The Trickster's Race
53The Wolf-Man
54The Wonderful Bird
55The Wise Man Of Chief Mountain
56Two War Trails
57Water Spirit's Gift Of Horses
58Why Blackfeet Never Kill Mice
59Why The Birch Tree Wears Slashes In Its Bark
60Why The Chipmunk's Back Is Striped
61Why The Curlew's Bill Is Long And Crooked
62Why The Mountain Lion Is Long And Lean
63When The World Was Young
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